New Check-In Procedures

We are so disappointed to not be able to greet you in person, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have implemented digital check-in.

On arrival at Villa Fontana we need a copy of the photograph page of all passports in your party which you can forward to Janet's number : 00385 913865623 or send by email to – this is not a track and trace for Covid-19, but a legal requirement that has always been in place in Croatia, and is used merely to register your presence in the country with the Tourist Board.  Copies of your passport page will not be retained or stored in any format once the registration is complete.

When the images have been received you are checked in and will be directed you to your room.

Your room has been prepared and disinfected in line with current Covid-19 regulations, as has the whole of the villa.  We have several procedures in place to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff at all times. 

Although we are all mindful of the Coronavirus we hope that, for the time you are here with us at Villa Fontana, you are able to relax and enjoy your stay. 

We have detailed a few points for your attention, but apart from those, you have nothing else to think about...

Wash Hands

Health experts around the world agree that the best way we as individuals  can reduce the spread of this virus is to wash hands regularly - please keep yourself and your party safe.

Face Masks

Face masks are compulsory in all shopping centres and shops, and on any form of public transport, including taxis, throughout Croatia.

Public Areas

Please remember to distance from others and wash your hands regularly, especially before or after using the public areas.  If you mix with other guests, please remember to use face masks.

Bedding and Towels

Your bed will have been made up prior to your arrival – for those using sofa beds, the bedding will be inside the sofa – and, for guests staying longer than a week, there will be a clean set of bedding left in your room for you to change your bed.

Towels will be left on the bottom of the beds – and inside the sofa where applicable – and there will be enough clean towels to last for your full stay left inside your room, or inside the sofa.

Prior to your departure, please strip beds and sofas and collect all towels together.  Your dirty bedding must be placed inside one of the white refuse sacks provided with towels placed separately in a different white refuse sack - and fastened tightly, both of those sacks must then be placed into a further refuse sack which must be tied securely , ready for collection after your departure.  Please leave  the sacks  in the bathroom, DO NOT leave the laundry outside your room, or loose outside of the refuse sacks.  Remember to wash your hands and use hand sanitiser where possible, after dealing with the soiled linens.

Rubbish Removal

There are communal bins for you to dispose of your rubbish within a 5 minute walk from Villa Fontana. When you leave the villa take the road towards the seafront and turn left, the bins are just at the junction at Hotel Albatros and Zal Beach Restaurant.  Rubbish needs to be taken regularly to avoid ants!  Remember to wash your hands after dealing with your rubbish, and use hand sanitiser where possible.

Pool and Sun-Loungers

In order to observe the recommended social distance space, sun-loungers will be set to 1.5m apart, and are to be kept at that distance unless being used by a ‘family group’.  Although the loungers will have been disinfected before the pool opening time, please ensure you use the disinfectant spray provided prior to using the lounger.  Do not move to other loungers during the day, keep to your chosen lounger only. If you need to move your sun lounger to a different spot, please ensure there is enough space around it to maintain the distancing regulations. 

Obviously, the space restrictions mean that it may not be possible for every guest to find space around the pool area at all times, for which we apologise and hope for your understanding.

Suspected Infection

The Croatian Health Ministry has comprehensive procedures in place should any member of your party display any sign of Coronovirus infection, and you should follow all directions exactly.

If a person has suspected symptoms of the virus you must immediately isolate not just the patient, but your entire group inside your room, and ring Janet on 00385 913865623 for her to make the necessary contact with medical professionals.  Under no circumstances is any one of the party to leave the room until cleared by medical professionals to do so. Should your party need any food or essential supplies during the isolation period, you can make payment arrangements with Villa Fontana staff to collect items on your behalf. 


 Remember to wash your hands regularly