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Terms and Conditions

1 Definitions

1.1 ‘Owner’ means the owner of the Property;

1.2 ‘Property’ means the Owner’s property as described on the websites and in correspondence to you.

1.3 ‘You’ means the person booking a holiday in accordance with these Conditions;

1.4 ‘Arrival Date’ means the date of the commencement of the Holiday Period;

1.5 ‘Departure Date’ means the date of the end of the Holiday Period;

1.6 ‘Holiday Period’ means the period from 2.00pm on the Commencement Date until 10.00 am on the Departure Date, unless otherwise agreed by the Owner;

1.7 ‘the ‘Holiday Rental’ means the total rental due and payable for the Holiday Period, and exclusive of extras;

1.8 ‘Notice In Writing’ means notice by email to the address given to confirm the booking. A Notice given in accordance with these Conditions is deemed to be both given and received: on the date and at the time shown on the delivery receipt retained by the Sender.

2 THE Parties

 As soon as You book a Property You enter into a contract with the Owner subject to these Conditions.


A licence under these Conditions is granted by the Owner to You for the purpose of a holiday and is not intended to create the relationship of landlord and tenant between the parties. You shall not be entitled to a tenancy, or to an assured short hold or assured tenancy or statutory security of tenure now or when the Holiday Period ends.


The licence under these Conditions is personal to You. You must not use the Property except for the purpose of a holiday during the Holiday Period, and not for a longer period. If You or any member of your party fails to vacate after the Holiday Period, the Owner shall be entitled, apart from other remedies, to charge You a fee proportionate to the Holiday Rental for the continued period of occupation.


The Owner permits You and your party (but no more than the number of people stated in the Booking Form) to occupy the Property for the Holiday Period for the Holiday Rental, payment of which is required in advance, together with use of the furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glasses, etc. 

The use of a Property for the purposes of a hen/stag party is not permitted unless otherwise agreed by the Owner.


6.1 A booking is only accepted when the Deposit has been received into the Owner’s bank account.  

Fees for extras (where applicable), will be payable locally.

6.2 If the booking is made later than 56 days before the Commencement Date the total Holiday Rental will become due, or if the booking is for 3 nights or less the total Holiday Rental  amount will be due at the time of booking.

 6.3 The Owner will confirm the booking by notice in writing, whereupon (if the total fees have not already been paid) You are liable for the total Holiday Rental, which must be paid at least 56 days before the Commencement Date without further demand.


The Owner makes every effort to ensure that the Property is fairly and accurately described.


 You must:

8.1 Allow the Owner to enter the Property to inspect the state of it and to carry out necessary works of maintenance or repair, at all reasonable times or, in the event of emergency at any time without notice, causing as little inconvenience to You and your party as reasonably practicable and making good any damage caused to the Property and your property;

8.2 Keep the Property and the furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glasses, bedding and towels clean and in good condition and be responsible for repairing any damage caused by You or your party during the Holiday Period;

8.3 Not cause any damage to the walls, doors or windows of the Property;

8.4 Not do anything that may reasonably be considered to cause a nuisance or annoyance to the Owner or to any other occupier of adjoining or neighbouring premises;

8.5 Not do or permit any act that would make any insurance policy on the Property void or voidable or increase the premium; and

8.6 Comply with any rules or regulations applicable to the Property, full details of which will be made available to You in the form of a booklet which will be issued to You upon arrival at the Property.  

8.7 Ensure that the rules and regulations are observed by all members of your party.

8.8 The Owner reserves the right to repossess the Property if excessive damage has been caused by You or a member of your party.



The Owner does not ask for a security deposit, however reserves the right to do so at any stage during the course of your holiday should there be reason to believe there is a risk of losses, damage and/or additional cleaning charges if the Property is left in an unsatisfactory condition.

This security deposit will be refunded within 14 days of the Departure Date, subject to deductions necessary by reason of any breach of your obligations in Clause 8.

If You cancel the holiday, for whatever reason, then no refund of deposit will be due, and within 8 weeks of the holiday then no refund of the balance is due. It is recommended that You should take a suitable holiday insurance policy to include a Holiday Cancellation Protection Plan covering sickness and any other unavoidable reasons for cancellation, prior to your stay.


11.1 If You have complaint in respect of the Property You must immediately report it to the Owner to ensure sufficient time is allowed to investigate and/or take the necessary remedial action. No compensation will be offered if You deny the Owner the opportunity to rectify matters during the Holiday Period.

11.2 The Owner does not accept responsibility for work taking place outside the boundary of the Property, nor for noise or nuisance resulting from third party activity over which the Owner has no control or prior knowledge.


In the event that the Property becomes unavailable for reasons beyond the control of the Owner (e.g. domestic fire, drain damage or flood, etc) the Owner will make every effort to find a suitable alternative Property for the Holiday Period, but otherwise the Holiday Rental and any and other sums paid by You will be refunded and You will have no other claim against the Owner. Force Majeure applies - the Owner will not refund any monies where a holiday is cancelled as a result of natural disasters (i.e earthquakes, volcano, hurricane, floods, wildfires, etc); acts of war, terrorism, riots or any civil unrest or major upheaval; performance failures by persons or organisations outside of our control (i.e. airline disputes).


Your contract may be terminated before the end of the Holiday Period by the Owner giving You notice only in the event of You being in material breach of the terms of these Conditions or by reason of fire or some other catastrophic event of the type covered in a comprehensive insurance policy. In the case of termination otherwise than by reason of your default the Owner shall return to You the appropriate proportion of the Holiday Rental attributable to the then unexpired remainder of the Holiday Period.


14.1 The Owner shall not be liable for any death or personal injury unless this results from an act neglect or breach of statutory duty by the Owner or any of their employees (providing they were at the time acting in the course of their employment).

14.2 You must take all necessary steps to safeguard your personal property. No liability is accepted by the Owner in respect of damage to, or loss of, such personal property except where the damage or loss is caused by any act neglect or breach of statutory duty by the Owner or that of any of their employees (providing they were at the time acting in the course of their employment).

14.3 Limitation Of Liability. Except in respect of death or personal injury, if the Owner is found liable to You on any basis, the maximum amount the Owner will have to pay You is the amount of the Holiday Rental. The Owner shall not be liable to You by reason of any representation (unless fraudulent), or any implied warranty, condition or other term, or any duty at common law, or under the express terms of contract, for any loss of profit or any indirect, special or consequential loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims (whether caused by the negligence of the Owner or their servants or agents or otherwise) which arise out of or in connection with these Conditions.

14.4 Every effort is made to ensure all items of equipment described and supplied by Owners are in good working order; however no guarantee is given or liability accepted if breakdowns occur before or during a holiday. Whilst the Owner will endeavour to organise repairs or replacements as quickly as possible, delays inevitably do occur, particularly during the main season.


15.1 The Owner will only use any personal information provided by You for the purpose of making available and managing the Property, or for informing You of the availability of similar services.

15.2 You can correct any information or ask for information about You to be deleted, by giving written notice to the Owner at email address shown on the Owner’s website.


These Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Croatian Law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Croatian courts.